Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Energizer

It's pink, furry and has long ears
but most importantly it was thought to be the power
that never stops
how the bunny has choked and sputtered
laying on the harsh concrete with no competitors
all other battery brands scattered on the floor
like used and rejected parts
in what became a race against itself
the corrosion crawls its dusty orange way
up the soft and fluffy tail
eating and munching the pristine fur
almost as though the creature was gnawing itself
oblivious, rampant and spinning out of control
suffering from acute memory loss
having forgotten what necessitated its existence
what an existential crisis we have on our hands
one with no alternative, no replacement paradigm
fellow animals having been disposed and discarded
as venture capitalism
spread its victory across democratized lands
morphing, changing hues, tones and alliances
until unrecognizable
in the home country of unfettered liberalization
became sick with the new strain
now we make the necessary corrections
to ensure the buy, purchase, the score
so spending, glorious spending can continue
no matter what twisted fate may await
makes no difference to men
who will likely be fighting in wheelchair combat
when the day of reckoning begins
the pink mass lay like road kill
on a street littered with protest signs
of a powerless struggle
initiated by those chained to the 9-8
by the thick metal of loans, payments and prosperity
they dig into the soft peach necks of bureaucrats and laborers alike
perhaps this form of capitalism
will begin to resemble the social, the commune
where the many are united by the same debts and weight
and the few run free
burdened with nothing but options
and the batteries to kick start
new and improved theological bunnies
running on borrowed hours, unconventional oil and precious metals
until power is expressed by the powerless
and the strangest fireworks light up an eerie night sky
all underneath it
when the real evolution will begin

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