Thursday, 18 December 2008

Wanderlust King

Just came back home from an absolutely amazing Gogol Bordello concert. The fusion of gypsy and punk music - two genres that celebrate life and emotion was fracking phenomenal! I was screaming, jumping and swaying in a strange rhythm with complete strangers (beside my love behind me;) and just releasing so many emotions that were wrapping me up like a candy cane. In NYC, you can step in between two subway cars and yell to the top of your lungs (and it is a private moment of sanity and sanctity - posed in between two steel metal cars, swaying and screaming) much like this concert at the Roundhouse. It was a cast of characters - violinist, drums, guitar, symbols,and it all came alive. They played for two hours non-stop - sweat pouring, people screaming, music working up to many long crescendos. No sponsors, no merchandise, just pure fun. A band playing because they love music and the interaction with people who adore the sounds they make. Hopefully business will move the gypsy punk way - giving people awesome gifts that are so appreciated (you don't need to encourage applause (the way the intro band did) - you just receive it because of all that you are giving. So beautiful, so win-win. It's almost 1 AM so pardon the winding train of thought. Gogol rocked me tonight and I feel fabulous (especially fab since I washed off the three layers of drenched clothing I had on). Definitely one of the best concerts I've been to...(I'm going to have to find a gypsy music festival to go to in 2009).

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