Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Canon EOS 450 D has finally arrived...

I got my early Christmas/Hannukah present - a new camera. I've been waiting and patiently debating the transition from classic Nikon manual cameras over to SLR digital (and Canon to boot). It's arrived. I realise that I still prefer manual functions. I was playing around with it today, taking shots of some of the favourite things around me (the weather is so bleak in London that this was a definite hermit weekend - filled with Weeds episodes, books and some movies) - my Dad's art, specifically, his matchbook pieces. I have attached the front and back of my favourite one here.

We've been doing some research at work for an online mapping client, and discovered that context, more than content, is becoming increasingly important when it comes to mapping. It's what around you that counts and the places, people and experiences located in your immediate vicinity matter the most.

Brands that help bring these contextual layers into relief and bridge the physical and the virtual (for example, I am looking for a Woolworth store in my neighbourhood so I can capitalise on their blow-out sale, but I also want to know which one of my friends is closest to that store so I can grab a coffee at a local cafe and catch-up - my mobile can map this information and even layer my social network onto my current location) have the opportunity to develop rich consumer experiences and to become part of their daily rituals.

So over this rather quiet and indoor weekend, gazing at my father's art is the context I live in...

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