Friday, 19 December 2008

Brand creativity - from conception to market

Notes from Creativity about CPB moving to become the complete brand creativity factory:

"All of the agency's design efforts are united, and guided, by a big picture belief about how brands really find love and success in today's marketplace. At the core of that belief is not just the (correct) assumption that a great product usually means more to a marketer's success than anything else. It's that brands are at their best when product and communications share a narrative, when the product, and the whole brand experience, are created through an insight-driven marketing process. It's something that gets discussed with greater frequency these days, but it happens surprisingly infrequently. When it does happen, it's obvious (see: Apple) and it's not an accident."

Bogusky continues..."Here's the old approach - as an agency you're given a product, then you come up with your consumer research and figure out what's going on around the product. Then you figure out how to position the product or lie about the product so it seems to answer all the issues around it." A better way, he says is "to take the cultural insights and move them to the beginning of the process. Your cultural and consumer research instructs the product. So it creates something you don't have to lie about. The product not only fulfills a need, but it fulfills it in a way that is very apparent to the consumer. Because that's the other part of it; people have to see that a product has what they want. It has to be very explicit in its design that it solves a unique problem."


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