Monday, 15 December 2008

dietary habits

I was making dinner tonight (two dishes actually - tricolor pepper melange with zucchini, asparagus, red onions and Japanese style tofu with sesame seeds and tamari soya sauce and sesame chicken for my husband). You see, I'm a lacto-ovo (and the very occasional pesco) vegetarian and Hatime, well eats mostly everything (besides pork). We're probably a nightmare couple to invite for dinner - no meat, no pork and no alcohol (all of our preferences combined). Anyway, so this got me thinking, more choices, more personalization, more information creates quite disparate amorphous groups of consumers. Either we get to know the vegans and Atkins audiences intimately, understanding the preferences and nuances therein, or risk irrelevance. Of course, if you are selling dish washing powder these groups may be less importance (or would vegans veer towards bio powder and Atkins a rich and perfumed smell?). Just a guess (gosh - the thoughts that haunt me while cooking...)

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