Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Twilight Dancing

Is it all a strange dream
or am I caught in the midst of someone's sonnet?
Am I the carefully constructed character
in someone else's play?
Reminds me of an old episode of
Twilight Zone
where life as we know it
is locked in a child's toy house
and we, like pawns, or meticulously painted pieces
are moved by a force
much greater than our own
perhaps we are happening to life
and every event has already been
agreed on and decided before our dawn
i was once told that we have three planes
to play on
the waking, dreaming and spiritual
we can traverse and skip across them
that we move ourselves
but to do so, we have to see
the field, the step, the music
emanating from the twinkling carousel
Tonight in your sleep
dream your way
into a self-constructed
paradise of your picking
Be it dancing fairies or moonlit Mars
know that your spirit
knows no boundaries
and you my dear are free

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