Friday, 19 December 2008

Tofu cheesecake and human motivatons

Went to an awesome vegetarian restaurant tonight. We had nut roast with root vegetables and chickpea tagine and freshly baked cornbread. But the killer dish was the tofu cheesecake (might be an oxymoron, but a delicious one). I am going to attempt to make my own version tomorrow (probably not a good idea since we are going to a dinner party and I've never made it before, but hey I guess I like living on the edge). So this restaurant Mildred's adds one pound to your check that will go to a charity that helps the homeless during the hard winter months. Now as they give you the check, you see the pound addition and underneath the bill is a brightly colored card that explains where the money will go and what the charity does - and it also states that this is a voluntary contribution, and that if you don't want to give a pound to help the homeless, you don't have to. Brilliant really - who is going to say "actually thanks for that warm and lovely meal, but I am really not interested in giving some poor homeless cold schmuck a pound" - no one. That's down right embarrassing (or at least it should be) because it is incredibly selfish and thus motivates people in a round about way to help others. I'm not sure how this could be applied to other things in life, and if scaling this up would actually work in the same manner. All I know is that the restaurant already raised £2,000 in a month...i think they might be on to something...

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