Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Magic in the mundane

I went to see the Annie Leibovitz show at the National Portrait Gallery in London a couple of weeks ago and I was really drawn in by this particular image. There is something about the composition that is human, engaging and real. Perhaps it is the ordinariness of the image - a woman in blue socks resting on what looks like an old and comfy red robe near a radiator (that screams NY) and a striped cup - that makes it so extraordinary to me. Magic in the mundane and the everyday. I also want to be transported to this space - it seems so relaxing and safe.

I'm in the middle of a major pitch, sell and 'make it happen' mode before the holidays (and feeling utterly exhausted) and this place seems like one I would gladly dive into...

Leibovitz's work reveals humanity at its purest for me, and does so where we tend to see it the least (celebrities). This is especially driven home by her personal work - she really captures the beauty of what it means to be human (to me anyway).

Hope you folks out there are getting more rest than me.

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