Monday, 22 December 2008

Creativity is dead.

Excerpt from Self Help (Protoganist's (Gabriel) response to his designer's comment: "I'm sick of...I'm sick...I'm sick of you squashing my creativity.")

Beethoven was creative, Pablo, Mozart was creative, Dickens, Dante, Kant, Durer, Newton, Raphael, Aeschylus, Balzac - yes, there have been a few genuinely creative human beings. But you're not one of them. You are not in the least bit creative. You are not even talented. You have a computer. That's all. The same as every other mediocre fucker whose terrible shit we all have to suffer every second of the day. So let's leave that word 'creative' alone for a few decades, shall we? Let's all stop pretending. There are no creative departments in London. Creativity is not copywriting or art-directing, creativity is not interior, graphic or fashion design, creativity is not mimicry or doodle, it is not gesture or token, is not a clever text message, a new and even sillier pair of trousers, or an unmade bed, it's not your shitty computer music, or your shitty homemade films, or your shitty website with a flashing cock, creativity is...creativity is a massive and serious lifetime's endeavour to further humankind's fundamental understanding of itself. Creativity is one hundred and fifty-four perfect sonnets and thirty-eight immortal plays, creativity is one thousand and one hundred and twenty-six master works of music, every one note-perfect, creativity is E=MC2, the Rougon-Macquart cycle, the discovery of planets. What you do is total horseshit. Got that? Total and utter horseshit.

Edward Docx, Self Help


  1. i remain outside this cultureand its language and i remain a steadfast fan.great goals outlined and the energy to accomplish is there .i am happy to be able to respond