Sunday, 7 December 2008

>>The Territory
We’ve heard it before: the media landscape is changing, power has shifted into the hands of the consumer, who can choose to tune in or out to over 2,000 messages a day, and the traditional push monologue model just doesn’t cut it anymore. Brand communications needs to offer something different to consumers – to go beyond words, beyond ‘saying something' and move into the realm of action – giving something valuable to consumers, whether it be entertainment, information or an experience. In this transformative and cluttered environment, where consumers have too many choices and too little time, it is more important than ever to have insights into what makes people tick, how media is consumed, the changing forms of interaction and communication, and the fast-moving marketplace. But understanding and planning is not enough, in order to create an experience, to pull consumers in and get them to take notice, creativity is key.

Exciting times...

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