Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Zeitgeist

I’ve been haunted by thoughts of how the visual and verbal unite to convey powerful messages dripping with meaning. They wander into the realm of personal projects (I've been toying the idea of creating a book that juxtaposes photography/imagery and prose/poetry to evoke the same feeling, emotion, and experience) and even professional aspirations [when you’ve gotten to the crux of the strategy and are able to develop persuasive ideas expressed through imagery and copy that reach into the consumer and pull out his soul (okay I’m going a bit too far but its fun)] and lately have been front of mind.

Design & copy – will this be the way we communicate moving forward?

It’s nothing new, hieroglyphs, the formal writing system used by the ancient Egyptians combined logographic and alphabetic elements to communicate. Storytelling combined with music and performance before it became strictly copy, and now everyone plunges into one screen or another. Our appetite for fast-food bites of expression, which enable us to absorb and comprehend information quickly is growing rapidly.

Technology has changed the way we digest and imbibe information, from texts to the news. The Daily Beast is an example of a beautiful traditional media traversal into the digital space performed by none other than Tina Brown. Even Gourmet presents its predictions quite evocatively using a slide show.

Design and communications are fast becoming one and expressed in a variety of ways, and is immensely fascinating (to me).

Museum exhibitions, such as the Biennale in Venice (check out Emily Prince’s moving work below. Her portraits of soldiers that died in Iraq coalesced to form the map of the USA were profoundly moving. The sketched images and personal life details listed underneath gave a real sense of the lives and individuals lost), graphic novels, gaming narratives, film storyboards and of course advertising all employ this language.

I hope to continue to learn its curves and dimensions. Fluency comes to those that can mutate, experiment and be a part of the change.

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