Sunday, 4 January 2009

Worn-out heels...

I've noticed that I've always worn out the back of my heels really quickly. Which is alright when you live in a country that values the old and doesn't make repairing something more expensive than buying a replacement (not to mention how this waste culture affects our environment and creates disastrous Primark habits).

But I am coming from a more self-centered place - I don't want to spend £8 to fix each pair of shoes when in a few weeks time they will be gnawed down to size again. So I just suck it up and hope that most don't notice, and most importantly, that I can walk without tumbling to the ground or falling off curbs.

But alas, I am going off on a tangent.

My worn-out heels I've realized, are a reflection of my personality. I hit the ground running. I walk hard and with a sense of conviction and determination (which perhaps makes the heel scuffing worth it?).

So here's to many more pairs of run-down shoes in 2009.

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