Monday, 5 January 2009

Opening doors (or just hanging on them?)

It's not always about opening doors. It's knowing which ones to open while standing on a bizarrely patterned and nostalgic (wistful of a time long past) carpet and looking out onto an endless hallway (imagine a generic Hilton Hotel with bad paintings on the wall) of door options. All with ominous numbers that are slightly unhinged (perhaps I am taking The Shining metaphor too far).

It is about knowing which door to open, otherwise, you may spend countless hours (and precious time) rudely interupting various hotel room scenarios (government officials in compromising positions, mirrored coffee tables, strange dances and acrobatics, exotic perfomances, and other riotous acts), while desperately seeking the rooms that hold the magic of your potential (and contain a tailored blend of possibilities)

So having a sign on the doorknob is quite helpful. But you have to be on the look-out for the signs, and hopefully they'll be as nicely designed as these ones (Creative Review compiled a beautiful booklet showcasing hotel doorknob signs).

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