Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Sew what?

I've been thinking about how digital communications and platforms will influence and shape our physical language and interactions.

lol et company have already crept into our speech (luckily not all of us). But what are some of the less obvious ways to observe this influence?

I came across an interesting example of these digital manifestations in Ginger Anyhow's embroidered text messages that succinctly and humorously tell the story of a relationship, employing of course, bite-size messages, which leave a healthy amount of space for interpretation and imaginative wanderings (i like that effect).

(I have been fighting all temptation to use sewing adjectives;).

Do you have any examples of this convergence?


  1. Check these ones out I adore Kate Pemberton, her work is so inspirational

  2. Thanks Kakariki! Great site! I love the stitched images and messages.