Sunday, 11 January 2009

Escape Artists...

...we shut down our Macbooks, ignored the downright woeful economic news from ballooning deficits (a Congressional Budget Office report put the federal deficit at near $1 trillion) to the 30,000 American job cuts during the past 10 days, and pushed our two couches together to veg and escape into a Bollywood movie.

Yes, perhaps it takes a certain acquired taste to appreciate these flics (one that I have cultivated while living in Sri Lanka and traveling throughout India); but there exists a real sense of fantasy (reoccurring theme in this blog I know) and other worldliness in these films.

Jodhaa Akbar
(the one we watched last night) is a film that highlights a positive point in historic Muslim-Hindu relations by relaying the story of the love between a Rajastani Princess and Mughal Prince (circa 1555).

So travel with me on the escapist route. Bollywood movies are just one stop on the journey (try it out, you may just enjoy it). (And based on what I just saw about being a Bollywood extra - perhaps watching is better than participating;)

What are some of your pit stops?

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