Monday, 2 November 2009

What does lust taste like?

I'm taking a fiction writing course at City University and loving it. Perhaps because it helps me not get caught-up in the stress or perceived importance of routine, of the 9-6 (in the case of Wednesdays, 9:00-5:30, so I make it to class on time). It also pushes me to write more, a much deserved kick in the direction of creativity. So, in case you're stuck staring at a blank screen, toying with an idea or just need a jump-start, this exercise, nicked from last week's class, may get your juices flowing.

Name at least 5 abstract nouns - love, lust, jealousy, avarice, joy, grief, whatever, and make a list for each one, describing the taste, sound, feeling/touch, for each one. I suppose you could also substitute abstract nouns with brands;)

This exercise is supposed to help you discover your voice, as it is tailored to your personal associations (almost everyone comes up with different descriptions).

A few of my versions below:

Tastes like sour, cuddled milk
Smells like a damp bar in the afternoon
Sounds like a cat in heat
Feels like marbles

Taste like dark chili chocolate with a hint of metal
Smells like musk found in the streets of Bombay
Sounds like a gurgling drain
Feels like the skin of a peach

Would love to peek into your sensory world...(any takers?)

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