Monday, 30 November 2009

Chunky or Smooth?

Kraft Canada ended a two-year absence from advertising with a multi-media promotion featuring artistic expressions found on the breakfast table. Peanut butter expressions on toast is a nice, simple idea that resonates with consumers and uses social media in a interesting way to give back to communities and help people share their creamy emotions. Some more information on the campaign...

Billboards across the country featured a variety of nine symbols, including a heart, a peace sign, a smiley face and LOL, all engraved in peanut butter on a piece of toast.The campaign also extends online, where you can send your drawing on peanut butter toast to a friend at

Consumers can also chose to send a bear hug on the site, and Kraft will donate a jar of peanut butter to food banks across Canada for each hug. Kraft has already reached their goal of delivering 50,000 jars (more to come next year).

Jordan Fietje, senior product manager of marketing for Kraft, says the campaign evolved from a number of focus groups held by the company. "Consumers have all these emotions tied to Kraft Peanut Butter. Many Canadians grew up with it. They love the whole peanut butter experience, especially melting peanut butter on toast. We’re putting those feelings into the peanut butter and showing it back to you. That’s what’s resonating well with the consumers. It’s not us making something up, it’s us repeating what they already feel," he says.

Via Brandchannel.

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