Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Creating dream worlds...

I'd love to write for DisneyToon Studios. A really good friend who now lives in Budapest is staying with me in London, and she recently went shopping for her 2.6 year-old daughter. She went to the ultimate shopping destination: The Disney Store, where she bought all sorts of gifts, which seemed to focus on Tinkerbell. Now my memory of Tinkerbell is as Peter Pan's sidekick, but apparently her story has moved on since then.

Her backstory has been brought to life through Disney's Fairies series and new movie, Tinkerbell (the 3-D animation has also transformed these characters, but the making of the film was about as smooth as cruncy peanut butter - the film's budget expanded to almost $50 million, and had "close to two dozen versions of the script and a dozen different directors." So I guess it ain't all cake and candy). Tinkerbell is one of the many 'tinkers' who make and fix things, from coloring Spring flowers to lighting fireflies. Every fairy has a role, a part to play in the world.

Can you imagine working in an environment where your job is to create wonderful fantasy worlds to delight children (and of course sell DVDs)? Conjuring-up back-stories to old-school Disney characters? Sign me up - I'm in.

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