Friday, 6 November 2009

Speak to me.

I love personal, colloquial copy that feels like someone is speaking directly to you. The only problem with this approach is that a whole roster of brands seem to be adopting this voice, which dilutes the beauty of it (removes the veil).

I came across a new one today for hotel goodies, which really taps into the desire people have to swipe things (whether as tokens of a trip or just driven by some strange momentary kleptomanic impulse). So I decided to throw in an old favorite by Mucca Design for Brooklyn Fare.

This type of copy and language works best when it also reveals something about yourself (self-evident or not, it is powerful to see it in print staring at you) or thoughts about the product (not easy to do on a mass scale).

Chic & Basic
really nailed it.

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