Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Waxing Brand Poetic

Just came across Nick Asbury's Corpoetics, a collection of 'found' brand poetry from the websites of well-known brands. He visited company websites, found the closest thing to a Corporate Overview, and then set about rearranging the words into poetry. It's been written about here, here and here.

It's a great idea and nice way to re-appropriate language from brands.

Some extracts below (more found here).

Pot Noodle

The boy that amazed you.
The date that got you.
The hands that shared you.
The tears that burst you.

The wonder you shared –
now the public eat it,
using spoons, forks, hands.


You’ve got that dreamy look on your face.
You want to career down a mountainside

in a perspex ball: shake up the days,
dazzle the world with your escapades.

You wake up here, in a shabby career,
in a perspex ball, not travelling at all.

They're on sale for £5, with all proceeds going to the National Literacy Trust.

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