Sunday, 29 November 2009

Painted Veils

Perhaps sparked by the debate over head scarfs and hijabs in Western societies, or because she believes that polemic needs to be infused with a little irreverent humor, challenge and intrigue, Princess Hijab uses guerrilla art to leave her provocative mark on posters in metro stations across Paris. When asked by the Wooster Collective why she chose the veil as subject matter, she replied:

Guerrilla art is innocent and criminal, ancient and dystopian, intimate and political.I chose the veil because it does what art should do: It challenges, it frightens, and it re-imagines.

Read the interview here, and see GOOD's review here.

There is definitely a need for a more dynamic, inclusive and open discussion about how Islam 'identifiers' and culture are regarded in Western countries, and perhaps a combination of Princess Hijab's work and news of the first Muslim contestant running for Miss France, named Juliette Boubaaya (who doesn't wear a head scarf, but refuses to judge women who do), will ignite this dialogue...

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