Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Much too much

Bring back the magic ball and coin toss. I've got some decisions to make. I'm facing a dusty crossroad, and unsure about what's next. I really believe that life can be whatever you wish, will or imagine it to be, and with that realization comes responsibility and massive choice. Give me a die already...

This line of thought reminds me of an old post by Graham Creative about choice in the modern world, where he quotes Charlie Brooker from the Guardian, (a snippet below), which inspired a post about things, items, kit, that helps us make decisions (for lack of a better source).

Every day we humans gleefully churn out yet more books and films and TV shows and videogames and websites and magazine articles and blog posts and emails and text messages, all of it hanging around, competing for attention. Without leaving my seat I can access virtually any piece of music ever recorded, download any film ever made, order any book ever written. And the end result is that I hardly experience any of it. It’s too much. I’ve had it with choice. It makes my head spin.

Here’s what I want: I want to be told what to read, watch and listen to. I want my hands tied. I want a cultural diet. I want a government employee to turn up on my doorstep once a month, carrying a single book for me to read. I want all my TV channels removed and replaced by a single electro-pipe delivering one programme or movie a day. If I don’t watch it, it gets replaced by the following day’s selection. I want all my MP3s deleted and replaced with one unskippable radio station playing one song after the other. And every time I think about complaining, I want a minotaur to punch me in the kidneys and remind me how it was before.

Let's start with the mundane and somewhat irrelevant, the Halloween costume.

400 Costumes to Die For is GS Design’s 2009 annual self-promotional piece. Designed to help recipients decide what to be for Halloween, the piece consists of two custom-made, 20-sided dice – one with 20 modifiers, the other with 20 nouns – that together offer 400 possible original costume combinations (Zombie Elvis, Kung-fu Jesus, M.C. Mollusk, etc.) - Still too much choice!

Images via Lovely Package

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