Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A suitable metaphor...

Although I haven't started my proper full-fledged job hunt, I have been sniffing around and the playing field sure has changed (wonder where it will lead me, or rather where I'll land?). I go through phases - sometimes I am really excited about the possibilities and adventures that lay ahead [no matter what, it will be a hell of a ride - looking for the right fit, talking to people, figuring out what I want and where I am going; and maybe even finding time to take classes, finish my book (writing and design!)] and sometimes I have moments of outright, pure unadulterated panic (despite the fact that this is my (perhaps) crazy choosing). Depends on the day. Normally I tilt towards the excited side. I am off to NYC right after my last day at work, which helps immensely, as I can look forward to time with family and friends. So the career climb, search, evolution, whatever, is on the front burner, so when I came across a fellow creative's approach to landing a great gig, I had to smile. Well done Lawson Clarke. I'd hire you in a heartbeat, but then again aren't we all suckers for a reference to Burt Reynolds in his prime?

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