Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sickly Sweet

Connecting pleasure to food is nothing new and often an apt metaphor. Some culinary experiences, such as eating oysters or periwinkles or even pineapples and red wine (sounds strange, but a delicious combo) are truly sensuous experiences. But Mars' new candy bar for women (the first new chocolate bar Mars has introduced in more than 20 years), FLING, is dripping with cliches and over the top innuendos that arguably would turn most women off (pleasure yourself with chocolate fingers? This is right out of a SNL skit!). See/listen to interesting NPR piece here. What do you think? Will this catch-on? (Maybe I'm simply far from the target, but it still feels too contrived and caricatured. Another example of how this may be lacking in subtly (and research).

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