Sunday, 31 May 2009

Stumbling Superman

‘I can do anything’
he says as he slips and stumbles
along the concrete pirate’s plank
like a vintage drunk long extinct
His red cape frayed and dusty
hair sparse, an emaciated forest
‘Leap from tall buildings’
Now he is getting himself confused
unconsciously hoping to be another hero
One that had not collided with fate
Broken and shaken
ice shavings float at the top of the martini glass
A coating of armour
Protection against the first sip
cosmic slip from grace
An overweight Elvis
popping out of his tight white leather pants
Pills dimmed once bright eyes
‘faster than a speeding bullet’
his words tumble on top of one another
slurred and jaded, they match his slow movements
the way he raises his bottle to toast an invisible crowd
his signature curl pasted and stuck on a creased forehead
bound together with dust and dirt
‘Stronger than…’
Fatigue engulfs him
the weight of the world presses against his temples
He falls asleep forgotten
A washed out faded red lump
crumpled like old notes
against the wall of an alien city

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