Monday, 11 May 2009

Change Agents (unfortunately not 007)

I wonder if our perspective of the world gets in the way of reality.

A huge socio-psycho-economic (society/individual/industry) shift is occurring, affecting many layers of our cultural narrative. I often view things from an industry-specific point of view, but the major financial and systemic upheaval that is occurring will have a profound impact on all levels, from the way we perceive unfolding scenarios and the world around us; and interact and behave within a new environment.

Will the reformation or reinvention of certain orders be slow and pervasive or quick and ineffectual?

To makes matters even more convoluted, this reshuffling couples with digital reverberations that ripple and touch almost every aspect of our lives - with people, companies, brands, entertainment, to make for interesting times indeed.

On the digital tip, it seems as though we are entering a new phase of contextual relevancy (digital communications tailored to fit), where once we were overwhelmed and fascinated by an abundance of information, now it's about organizing what this information/content means to us as individuals and tribes and what value it brings/serves.

This of course reverberates through communications/marketing/Adland. We definitely ain't in Kansas anymore.

(Side note: A few hours after I tweeted about how I wanted to join Starfleet academy, I received a message from @UFStarfleet inviting me to join Starfleet in Second Life).

Now the world as we know it is not going to crumble and resurrect anew tomorrow - when and exactly how this change will manifest itself has yet to be seen. Better to prepare and start slowly dancing to new tunes, or simply learn several different steps, from the waltz to the bunny hop.

Snippets of interesting industry approaches to new dynamics:

1. You talking to me? Creative excellence: Curt Doolittle's opinion piece here and intriguing blog posts here:
On the web, spend your money on creative excellence, not on distribution costs. (You won't save money.) If you do a good job producing interesting content that is highly specific and relative to the channel you're inserting it into, the content will spread on its own. And you'll develop loyalty because you show that you are sincere in your understanding of your customers.
2. Product as Marketeer (or turds don't wear dresses). See Adcontrarian post here presenting Hulu's product-led approach.
3. Inside-out: Starting with design: CPB's perspective here.
4. Operations as marketing? Zeus Jones explores here.
5. New Agency Order? Armano's great video presentation here.

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