Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Slurpies & Domo?

7-Eleven goes all Anime this Fall. I love it. Domo, a fuzzy brown creature with a saw-toothed mouth that is locked open, created by Japanese illustrator and director Tsuneo Goda, and who also serves as the mascot for Japanese TV station NHK, takes over 7-Eleven stores across the USA:

his face appearing on coffee cups and hot dog containers, fuzzy Domo toys will dangle from Slurpee straws, and gargantuan open-mouthed Domos will serve as candy displays. 7-Eleven will also be selling a new Domo-inspired Slurpee flavor, Fuji Frost by Fanta as well as various other Domo paraphernalia, including collectible action figures, DVDs, plush characters and clothing.

I've never really investigated Domo's back-story, but it's pretty intense, off-the-wall and oddly absorbing:

Domo's favorite food is Japanese-style meat and potato stew, and he has a strong dislike for apples, because of an unexplained mystery in his DNA. Domo can only communicate via producing a low-pitched noise which sounds somewhat like his own name, but other characters appear to understand him. Domo is known to pass gas repeatedly when nervous or upset. More on Domo's world here.

As part of the promotion, 7-Eleven is releasing a three-part webisode viewable at and, which follows Domo and friends in their quest for a Slurpee. Each episode will debut weekly on the sites starting on October 1.

Found and quoted from: Creativity Online.

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