Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Designing Patterns

I've been doing research on visualizations of data and information design. I've come across some really elegant graphics. Given the rise of emerging platforms and our penchant for the beautiful and quickly consumed and digested information, it seems that visual communication will only become more relevant and predominant...

Some cool finds below.

The World of 100: if the world were a village of 100 people by Toby Ng.

Stefanie Posavec's Writing with Words project explores methods of visually representing text and visualizes the differences in writing styles of various authors.

Visualize your visitors: A Heat Map of what's hot on your site.

Information Architects: Web Trend Map 4 – Final Beta.

There is one remarkable thing about randomness: Its existence is neither proved nor disproved and it appears everyday in science and in our everyday lives. Random walk presents visualizations of physical mathematical phenomena where true chaos and order within randomness is demonstrated by the use of pure numerical data and software simulations.

Identitee connects the lyrics to songs.

British History Timeline

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