Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Belle & the Bull

The girl in the red gown
stands in the middle of a dusty ring
facing the beast
his nostrils rise and fall quickly
like energetic bursts of photonic energy
something right out of the moon
she faces matted fur
blinking but frozen
a beige broken horn
juts out strangely, an abstract sculpture
planted on top of a wild, pacing animal
she bathes in silence
strong, yet malleable, firm but soft
a kind of jelly tofu
caught in between courage and fear
the sun beats heavily on the ground
clouds of smoke circle around the pit
hushed, cloaked Hasids quietly pray
the girl in the red gown
throws miniature black daggers with a stare
further jostling the charged creature
the face-off continues
they're caught in a strange dance
moving ever so slowly
around a quiet morning
filled with undercurrents of expectation, passion and rage
notes tasted delicately on quivering lips

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