Monday, 12 October 2009

It's all gone wild.

Talk about great ways in which to extend the narrative across different platforms and create a real sense of excitement, anticipation and wonder, just as any project associated to Where the Wild Things Are should. And it so happens there are several.

There's Dave Eggers book, The Wild Things, a book adapted from a movie that was adapted from a picture book (a great example of transmedia storytelling). Flavorpill reviews his book here, stating that: Dave Eggers has written a novel that is deeply imaginative, slightly strange, occasionally dark, and ultimately touching.

Then there's the WTWTA pop-up shop in LA called Space 15 Twenty, where people who can't wait for the opening night can (October 16), can check out all things Max in a space filled with enchanting twig-and-leaf constructed structures, a giant trunk etched with Max's iconic "M" heart and monster claw scratchings, as well as the requisite Wild Things-inspired clothing, dolls, and home wares. Found here.

And the trio wouldn't be complete without an iPhone App. With the Wild Things app, you can browse through pics from the film while listening to tunes from Karen O's soundtrack, view movie trailers, or have a dirt fight with Where the Wild Things Are character Carol, who dances to music from your library and can make a mess of your photos and contacts if you don't give him proper attention. Found here.

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