Friday, 24 July 2009

A French Presence

While staying in Casablanca at my aunt-in-law's house, which incidentally was right across the street from Clinique des Fleurs (The Flower Clinic), I nestled in and watched some telly while eating butter cookies that crumble in your hands and drinking freshly made panache juice (a bit of this and that - strawberries, bananas, avocado, mango, OJ, etc). I realized that the French presence remains, although viewed mostly as a wonderful complement rather than the main course, culturally.

So apparently the French are hooked on Secret Story, a reality show a la Big Brother, except everyone has a secret and the objective is for other people to figure out just what that is...They are also not immune to plastic surgery Hollywood style, as of course, one of the characters is a blond with immense breasts.

While watching the French version of mind-numbing television, I came across this funny ad for McVitie's Biscuits. A great example of the British selling to the French in a self-depreciating, but extremely humorous and actually quite accurate portrayal of Brits viewed through a French lens...


  1. What a great advert. You somehow don't think that people outside of Britain think of us like that, but they obviously do. Thanks for sharing and hope all is well with you.


  2. Hey Daniel. Thanks for your feedback! Do you have a blog? Would love to stop by...