Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Scary Shit.

When we have the real, yet manufactured, world to contend with? Three developments recently came to my attention, creating an atmosphere of paranoia and general discomfort:

1. I watched Food Inc. over the weekend, a documentary on the food industry (it's scary when certain socio-economic sectors become 'industries', like health care). The film raises issues I've been wrestling with for years as a pesco-ovo-lacto vegetarian (yes, I may sound like a Californian twat, but that's the best way to explain it), from genetically modified animals and ingredients, FDA duplicity under Bush, health, poverty, immigration, the environment to cloning animals. It's a reminder that we (the lucky ones) can vote three times a day. (Warning: this film will make you question the origins of everything on your fork).

2. An underwater look at BP's toxic soup is truly disturbing.

3. And finally, some sunscreens may actually speed up the cancer they are supposed to used to prevent. You might as well apply Coke and baby oil to your skin. A fact the FDA has reportedly known for 10 years.

Via The Awl.

No food, beach or sun. *sigh*

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