Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Tumbling Tunes

I've had a lot of fun using Tumblr recently. It pulls me away from the danger of curating too much without actually creating enough on this blog. I'm still a neophyte, getting to know the various Tumblr weeds out there - ones that specialize in collecting beautiful imagery, those that are just plain old interesting, and now, the joys of tasting music.

Here are a few of my recent finds that have helped me discover new bands. I've gotten lost in my iTunes 17,000 song+ library, and despite the choice, I miss being able to stumble upon artists I've never heard before. When I was broke in NYC, one of my favorite past times used to be going into Virgin in Union Square and spending the afternoon listening to new tracks and finding music crushes (they had headphones all over the place and you could scan and listen to random CDs - days before Tumblr and Spotify came on the scene). If you want to peruse Tumblr sites (warning - this activity may suck up lots of hours), check out Tumblupon.

Some beautiful tracks in the Songs of 2009 list, including Candy Girl by Trailer Trash Tracys.

Check out: First Breath After Coma by Explosions In The Sky
Perfect cold weather music

Currently posting 2009 favorites.

Tune of the Moment
Loving the Mark Ronson Remix.

Images via Iri5: Ghost in the Machine Set

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