Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Designing the Holidays

I have this thing about Christmas/Hanukkah cards (being half Jewish/half Catholic it can go either way). I hunt and search for nicely designed cards that I really like, rather than your run of the mill red and green glitter fart/fest. I also look for Seasons Greetings since it encompasses all December holidays (which I have found hard to find in London). So, I finally found the right set - All I Want for Christmas. Right for four great reasons:

1. They're created by Bristol designers: a competition, with the brief to create a piece of work based on the phrase ‘All I want for Christmas’ took place and a total of 20 artworks were chosen, so this purchase supports the local creative community (the profits from the packs will be donated to the Bristol based charity ‘Young Bristol’)

2. I think they're beautiful, different and quirky

3. Limited edition: they're unique (more so than Paper Chase or Hallmark anyway)

4. I didn't have to wade through throngs of pushy hyper-shoppers

Buy them here.

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