Thursday, 31 December 2009

Here come the lists...

It's about that time again, the end of a year always brings a flurry of wrap-ups and predictions. So instead of making another list, I thought I'd round-up a few of my favorites.

Starting with a cultural line-up:

The films of 2009 delivered in seven minutes:

Worst movies of 2009, trailers here. (I hate to admit it, but I have fallen prey to all things vampire-esque and watched New Moon, which was truly crap).

Top book covers of 2009.

Web videos of the decade.

Best music of the decade.
Shows that changed television.
10 most NSFW videos.
The best books of 2009.

Moving on to a year review round-up by some my favorite bloggers:

Iain Tait of Crack Unit / Poke fame gives his 2010 digital predictions.
Top 10 of Noah Brier's blog in 2009.
Top 9 blog posts from Alan Wolk.

And one for digital trends ahead.

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