Monday, 2 February 2009

What are you hiding?

I was in research mode today and during my web trawl I came across a couple of interesting campaigns. The first is HBO's Everybody has something to hide.

One of the tactics is HBO's 'Big Love' Headphone Jacks, a hard-hitting engagement idea (to promote its upcoming Big Love series that has been off the air for some time) that invites or entices people to plug in their headphones and listen in on snippets of secrets (people could hear a recording of a different secret about people pictured on the street-level billboards).

Sounds entertaining and like the perfect distraction from the daily grind (evidence of this escapism: Hollywood produced its first billion dollar month in January).

The people revealing the secrets are not characters on the program: they seem to be a cross-section of modern-day city residents. This part of the campaign, created by the ad agency BBDO New York, is meant to illustrate the campaign’s tagline, “Everyone Has Something to Hide.”

The actual characters' secrets revealed on the HBO microsite, here.

Creativity lives in the content and delivery...

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