Friday, 20 February 2009


A friend once told me that we live many different lives in one lifetime. It's almost as if you can look back and see the different versions of yourself, the eighties self, plastic earrings and acid wash jeans, the obnoxious, loud mouthed teenager, melancholic Cure/Smiths listening boarding school kid, there are so many sides of our coined lives. Of course you recognize yourself somewhere inside, probably squirming.

Moving often helped me create and leave behind all these characters, and gave me the freedom to imagine and reconstruct every time (I just envisioned a band of slightly altered clones peppered across the world;).

I feel the same way about a career - the growing, uncomfortable, change and morphing part. I am on the cusp of reincarnation. Oddly coinciding with one of the biggest financial agitation of our time (or at least my time). Strange but exciting. Who will we become next?

Image courtesy of dharmaprotector.

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