Sunday, 22 February 2009

Digital Portfolio Pains

Wow. I'm lucky to have such a fracking patient, sweet and supportive (and with basic knowledge of DreamWeaver) partner. I also have a new found appreciation for producers generally. People who animate ideas and understand the mechanics and usability of a medium. We've been literally in front of the computer for like 6 hours, and managed to create 3 pages. Mind you, our skills combined are far from professional when it comes to html and css. Hence the massive time consumption. But three pages in, I'm happy. Great start (the landing page was the hardest to configure). The more simple things seem, the more complex they are, and perhaps vice-versa. Creative writing and design homework will have to wait in line, right next to buying theater tickets for in-laws (due to arrive this Wednesday), cleaning the house, preparing for not one, but two pitches, and well everything else in between.

Here's a taste of the landing page...(still under construction)

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