Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Once bitten...

I've started to do something I haven't done for a long time: the minute I get home, I change, shower (I bathe regularly, not there yet) and curl under the covers with my True Blood Omnibus book and read for hours. It feels like a guilty pleasure; a part of me shouts that this isn't real literature, and I should dive into the more informative, educational and enriching books on my shelf with such addictive enthusiasm. Yet they're not good yarns woven into fantastical scenarios set against a Louisiana background. I enter another zone, another character, stomping into the electric, exciting world of vampires, humans, weres (werewolves), shape shifters, goblins and maenads. It's pure, unadulterated escapism at its best. The motivation for this purchase was my inhalation of Season 2 over the holidays, and with Season 3 rolling out in July, I need to get my fix.

Image via Robert Alegria.

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