Sunday, 17 January 2010

Hitting-up the senses

True Blood Season 3 is not out until July, so in the meantime I've taken to rabidly consuming Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse book series. Despite being highly entertaining and grossly addictive, a part of me feels like I am enthralled with Danielle Steel's & Anne Rice's lesbian love child (an unfair comparison since I've never read a Steel book).

Anyway, I'd feel a lot better reading them in the tube if the book covers were beautifully designed. The cover for Dead Until Dark uses the HBO visual, which is great, but it goes downhill as the series progresses. The covers almost debase the book, and encourage people to believe that this is just another crap teenage vampire book, when it's far from that. They're actually well-crafted and absorbing page-turners. It's funny how much design can influence perception.

Book covers are such a great opportunity for designers to rock their peacock feathers. Check out M.S. Corley's beautiful, simple and elegant redesign of the Harry Potter Series. Now if only someone could do something for Sookie.

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