Sunday, 27 September 2009

Digital Tent

I got a chance to soak up the last days of London Digital Week at the Tent London over the weekend. It reminded me a bit of the Biennale - perhaps it was the mix of design and digital housed in this space. There was a lot going on, but three exhibits in particular stood out. I suppose the intersection of digital and physical spaces is nothing new, but the way in which the two collide and intertwine make me think that soon enough that separation will be mere semantics. It's not just the way technology will be embedded in our physical spaces, but how we interact with it, the way it may overlay and mesh with everyday functions. My mind went off on a few Space Odyssey tangents, as this small show had some mind expanding catalysts.

Lights and Shadows by WOW
: a wide screen nine meters in length captured the spirit of Tokyo city.

Go Scan Yourself: Apparently it wasn't intentional and was rather due to budgetary constraints, but I loved the way you could scan yourself and then see the image displayed shortly thereafter on an old funky 1980s TV set.

Troy Abbott's Nano Cages: All Digital Beauty. No Mess or Mortality, presented the only types of budgies I'd ever like to see in cages: the digital kind. Strange and surreal videos of birds moving in colorful cages got my attention at the Tent.

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