Saturday, 19 September 2009

Creative Closets

Maybe it's the British weather that's got me thinking about creative spaces, somewhere personal, cozy and customized where you can think, write, peruse books and graphic novels, listen to music or simply daydream while looking out a window or staring into a painting.

When I was little I liked closets. They were places I could make mine. I would close the door and get lost in racks of shoes and the wafting scent of lingering Givenchy perfume.

I'd love to have a playroom, an inspiring creative retreat from the daily grind. I imagine a room filled with pictures, posters, a plastic duck lamp, paintings, a fireplace, striped rug, arched windows and gold, silver, bright red and deep blue cushions everywhere.

I started to search for places where artists of all sorts create, and came up with a few interesting finds (both imagined and real).

Kate Bingaman-Burt's creative space on ShareSomeCandy.

Migy's workshop on ShareSomeCandy.

Camilla Engman's artistic space on ShareSomeCandy.

Illustrations courtesy of Charlie Roberts.

The Guardian's Writer's Rooms series showcases the spaces where authors create:

Edna O'Brien's writing boudoir.

Maggie Gee's creative room.

Raymond Brigg's writing den.

Hanef Kureshi's writing space.

Kyle Cassidy has also documented Fantasy and Sci-fi writer's spaces.

Where do you create? What's your dream space? What's stopping you from making it?

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