Monday, 21 May 2012

An oldie, but goodie. Author and visual artist Douglas Coupland hosted an interactive presentation on Marshall McLuhan and YouTube at The Waldorf Hotel around this time last year. A series of statements about the event were mounted on the outer events Marquee. Each statement was documented by media activist Kris Krug.

 "Coupland, with the global success of his recent biography of McLuhan (You Know Nothing of My Work! James Atlas & Co., NYC) can offer us a more precise look at ourselves via the ultimate manifestation of the global village, YouTube. Expect a back-and-forth experience between the audience, Coupland and the world itself."

Read more about Coupland's biography of Canadian professor and communication theorist Marshall McLuhan at Paris Review.

 I would love to write on Marquis and churches across the nation.

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