Friday, 12 February 2010

It's all fuzzy.

We're getting ready for our Mekong River adventure and our move to Copenhagen (both happening dangerously close to one other). In the midst of serious change everything feels superimposed, a layer of constructured reality coats a socially accepted version, which start to coalesce and fade. I feel like I'm moving through a video of time galloping by - sun set, rise, light fade, brighten, cars zoom - you get the picture.

When words fail to fully convey my thoughts, I have the help of some inspiring photographers who eloquently express the inner blizzard (stress whipped a la Dairy Queen).

David Hockney's still-motion convergence...I realized that this sort of picture came closer to how we actually see, which is to say, not all-at-once but rather in discrete, separate glimpses which we then build up into our continuous experience of the world.

And Thomas Ruff's digitally modified internet pornography... Photography pretends to show reality. With your technique you have to go as near to reality as possible in order to imitate reality. And when you come so close then you recognize that, at the same time, it is not.

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