Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What's the word?

Whether it has do with with (desperately) looking for a place to live in Copenhagen, a heavy workload, or just sheer laziness, my blog has transformed into some kind of scrapbook. I post things that I find interesting, but not necessarily stuff that I'm making, or editorial type commentaries about the industry or world. I think I could use more of the latter. But, so it goes. It's good to have a goal, a direction, which I'm sure will morph and mutate along the way. So in the spirit of making shit instead of reposting or curating, here's a little piece I worked on this morning.


Yellow and black fur
bump against the glass
a long note, a high pitched buzz
releases slowly like perfume.

Wings flutter rapidly,
veins sketched on rice paper
circle around the cap,
fighting against the heat.

Big humming bodies
tap, tap, tap
against glass windows
surround sound
echoing in a jam container
that used to house marmalade.

Orange crusts still cling to the lid
like hope.

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