Thursday, 27 November 2008

Coconut dreams

Coconut dreams
hairy nutty desires
parading a teasing suntan lotion scent
in a sea of restful wilderness

juicy pineapple thoughts
secrete sticky substances
all over my parched imagination

subtle and rich coffee spices
waft into the room
luring my presence

attempting to shake off bamboo restraints
that keep me wonderfully tied to mysterious pink beaches
sand made of grapefruit grains
decorated with coriander beach towels

Coconut dreams are shaken down from high trees
and fall like bowling balls
forming a pool table V shape
these tropical reveries are like hot breezes

against oh so cold thighs
so cold that mosquito bites are clearly visible
connecting the dots you construct a map

to find me when i am lost in the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets
you follow the mango trail
soaking up parts of me in the sun

Coconut dreams
knock, knock, knock on imagination's door
shaped like strange creamy meringue pies

i invite them in
out of the ordered and make believe world
'this is real' they whisper

breath like pina coladas
a frothy and creamy vice that sends me
down into reality beaches

the rotten stink of dreams deferred
consumes all in our collective construction
of what we call 'today' and 'the world'

Coconut dreams
give me white lens sunglasses
and i see nothing at first

until the white begins to recede
like an old man's hairline
moving back slowly to reveal everything

mash potato colours
blended together to form light clouds
that pass through and around me

so much energy
too much beauty
all part of one
seen only wearing white sunglasses in coconut dreams

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